Why KMG?

KMG provides boutique management services with a highly strategic, institutional approach for personalized and proactive engagement. The Company’s innovative approach delivers superior professionalism and value to real estate investors of all levels and portfolio size to meet their specific real estate investment goals. KMG’s infrastructure allows the clients portfolio flexibility to expand and contract by providing mutually beneficial relationships. The Company’s full range of services ensures clients have the competitive edge in profitably identifying, analyzing, acquiring, improving and maintaining their properties.

KMG partners are the active leadership team providing a combined thirty years of fee management experience with privately held firms and large institutional investors. KMG business is built with an entrepreneurial spirit, proactive approach to asset management, dedication to building long term client relationships, nimbleness to move quickly, and optimizing asset performance through active management and responsiveness, to create first class operations.

The senior leadership team has extensive knowledge in various facets of multifamily residential management. Some highlights include:

Lease Up
Affordable Housing

Due Diligence
Short Term Furnished Housing

A+ to C- Class
Vintage to New Builds

Garden Style to High Rise
Regions: California, Arizona, Pacific Northwest, Nevada, Texas