Apartment Management

Total Professional Management

You will benefit from Kenneth Management Group’s professional management.

We have heard owners say that they have lost their trust in property managers because they have grown so large and impersonal. When it comes to income property management, we feel KMG is the best, but you be the judge. We also believe that big is not necessarily better and as such maintain a realistic balance in the properties we manage. We think you will join other successful owners/investors who feel they can’t afford to do without our property management service. In most cases we actually pay for ourselves in reduced operating expenses and additional income.

  • We can effectively market your property to the public and keep occupancy at a high level on an ongoing basis.
  • We can reposition your property for maximum future value
  • We will oversee the maintenance of your property to maintain present value.
  • We will minimize your personal time and aggravation, while maximizing your income.
  • We will provide you with a full picture of the state of the real estate market. We will show you how your property measures up to comparable income properties.
Management Services

Income property is one of the best investments available today. However, ensuring maximum profitability and minimizing the issues of your real estate investments is a job best performed by dedicated property management professionals.

Why do successful real estate investors choose KMG for their management needs?

Kenneth Management Group, Inc. (KMG) has the training and experience to free owners and investors from worry. Our job is to deal with issues and problems to maximize your return. Our knowledge of real estate economics and the discrete application of that knowledge to each real estate investment are the keys to our success in managing income properties. If your property is in start-up, fully stabilized or in transition, we will tailor a plan for you.

KMG can build your investment income and actually save you extra dollars in taxes, insurance, maintenance, and possible liability costs. Our management experience and professional know-how can maximize your profits and minimize the worries involved in owning income property. Investors come to Kenneth Management Group because we do the work while their investment continues to appreciate. We would like to do the same for you.


Keeping your investment property profitable.

We share the common goal of making your income property as financially productive as possible.

To maximize your opportunity for profits, Kenneth Management Group, Inc. will:

  • Fill vacant property quickly to gain maximum occupancy and income to you.
  • Prepare an ongoing study of comparable properties for rental rates and occupancies.
  • Set rents correctly to maximum occupancy income for you.
  • Carefully screen tenants, including a thorough credit check and review of other references.
  • Establish and fully explain the policies and procedures involved in renting or leasing your property.
  • Handle all tenant requests and negotiations and ensure compliance by tenants with provisions of their respective leases.
  • Administer lease renewals and when necessary, evictions.
  • Counsel you on a regular basis, keeping you fully informed of the total management picture of your property.



Superior marketing services can make the difference.

We will develop a customized marketing plan to reduce vacant units or maintain higher occupancy for owners. By using marketing surveys and a number of marketing and advertising methods, we ensure low vacancy rates for your property and high return on your real estate investment.

Kenneth Management Group, Inc. will:

  • Conduct marketing and rent surveys to determine competitive market rents in your location to maximize income reduce tenant turn-over.
  • Leverage a number of high performing real estate related websites.
  • Create and maintain a website for the property.
  • Use Local newspaper or magazine ads.
  • Use professional lease signs at your property to show the property is being leased by a professional firm.
  • Produce personalized full color marketing material to be used in conjunction with rentals and resident retention.
  • Our in-house marketing capabilities can save you money and maximize your marketing budget.

Maintaining your property keeps it productive. 

The future value of your real estate investment depends upon maintaining its overall physical condition. We make a point of keeping income properties at their competitive best.

Kenneth Management Group will:

  • Pre-negotiate discounts with a group of preferred vendors to ensure high quality, quick turnaround and reasonable rates for our clients. All of our vendors are required to produce certificates of insurance for liability and workers compensation.
  • Regularly inspect properties to make sure everything is in order, providing you with a detailed report.
  • Hire, supervise, and terminate all independent contractors and employees required for the operation of the property.
  • Supervise maintenance and arrange for repairs and improvements as may be required.
  • Recommend and supervise improvements, additions or alterations to keep the property competitive and at it’s income-producing best.
  • Administer preventative maintenance schedules to avoid costly emergencies.
Regulatory Compliance

Being informed protects you and your assets.

One of the many challenges of managing real estate investments effectively is keeping up with the many changes in government compliance issues on the Federal, State, and Local levels.

To protect you, Kenneth Management Group, Inc. will:

  • Stay abreast of the constantly changing landlord regulations and provide recommendations and guidance.
  • Supervise all maintenance and repairs.
  • Ensure Equal Housing compliance.
  • Establish ADA compliance.
  • Maintain Proposition 65 compliance.
  • Minimize potential liabilities by a regular scheduled walk through of your property.
Financial Planning

Targeted plan for your investment success.

Whether large or small, a good income property deserves a targeted financial and management plan tailored to your specific investment objectives. This management plan will outline proposed rental increases, capital improvements, expenses, and other valuable financial information.

To build your investment future while giving you peace of mind, Kenneth Management Group will:

  • Prepare an annual budget for your property(s).
  • Submit to owner complete monthly detailed statements of all cash received and disbursed along with delinquencies and tenant profiles.
  • Supervise and control payments of all funds received and disbursed.
  • Provide on-going counseling for highest and best use of property.
  • Submit timely payment of mortgages and taxes.
  • Prepare comprehensive financial reports.
  • Mail or wire transfer monthly owners draws.
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly variance annotations to budget items.
Subsidized & Tax Credit Housing Management

Maintaining your property keeps it productive.

Kenneth Management Group manages properties under many federal, state and local government subsidy programs, including project based HUD Section 8 insured under section 221 (d)(4); HUD Section 236; Low Income Housing Preservation and Resident Home ownership Act (LIHPRHA Title VI); State Tax Credits; California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) and Local Public Housing Authorities Tenant-Based Section 8 Vouchers and Certificates. 

Our management and accounting staff is familiar with both the reporting and auditing process to maintain compliance in these programs.

Maintenance Request

If you are a tenant and would like to request maintenance, you can call us 1-818-887-7722 during normal business hours or fill out our online form. If it’s an emergency after hours, please call 818-832-6292. We will call you back at once, or in the case of non-emergency items, we will respond the next business day.
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More Info…
For more information on how KMG can improve the return on your property’s investment, please complete our online Property Management Information Request form.
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Online Property Management Information Request form